"What size tires can I run with this kit?"


Understandably this is one of the most commonly asked questions we receive! Though it also bears the undesirable response of “Its a question we cannot answer without having the vehicle physically present”. Please allow us to explain!


In terms of wheel and tire fitment, there is no true exact answer.  There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right size wheel / tire, including wheel diameter, width, and backspacing, as well as tire size, brand, tread pattern, width, and diameter.  Even with proper selection of wheels and tires some trimming may still be required!


With wider wheel / tires you may not have an issue with height. A wider wheel / tire has wider turning radius sometimes causing inside tire rub.


For these reason we  commonly recommend installing the kit and measuring your clear, over finding a kit based on tires.


It is our responsibility to provide correct and accurate information / resources giving you the confidence to make an educated decision. With the many factors listed above we are unable to do so simply based on year, make model, and advertised ride height!


Thank you for taking the time to our quick write up and please feel free to message with any questions you may have!